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Timber Framed Homes for an Eco-friendly Family

What are Timber Framed Homes?

You need to learn more about timber framed homes in order to understand what will be in store for you if you decide to choose it to be your personal haven. A timber framed home can be defined as a residential structure that is mostly made up timbers jointed together to create a durable and lasting home. Timber is the major or can be the only material utilized in putting up the home. It is used as posts and beams held together by wooden pegs. The house it put together utilizing air dried timber to create energy efficient and strikingly admirable home. This is the reason why people of the past prefer houses to be built this way.

Timber framed homes were popular in as early as the 12th century. Various carpenters from various countries have their own designs on how the house will look after the construction. However, the manner on how it is constructed is almost the same all throughout Europe and the Americas.  Timbers were used to be hewn together by a felling axe. It will then be polished or finished with a broad axe to smoothen the outer surface. Most of the parts are prepared ahead to make the construction process faster. Carpenters need to prepare wall studs, posts, sill-beams, noggin-pieces and wall plates. This can be a tedious construction process but will turn out to be a masterpiece once completed.

Pros and Cons of a Timber Framed Home

Timber home is such a beauty, but you need to look closely into it in order to determine that you are making the right choice in preferring this house instead of the conventional concrete type. Here is the list of pros and cons that you need to know before making your decision.

- It can be completed fast and efficiently through the use of pre-fabricated parts and posts

- You will experience tighter tolerance in construction because parts can be put together easier than conventional infrastructures

- Can provide you with good quality insulation from heat or cold

- Has better aesthetic value

- More affordable and energy efficient


- It is more intricately designed and would require an expert to come up with the right plan

- Will require you to wait considerable time before kits are assembled completely from factories

- May not allow you to have solid concrete flooring on the first level of the house

- Could require additional materials for soundproofing

Cost of Constructing Timber Framed Homes VS. Conventional Stick Structures

There is no accurate cost comparison between these two infrastructures because they actually are different from one another. However, if you look into the amount of money you need to raise to build a home, you need less if you prefer a timber framed home than the regular stick home. Most construction companies would require an upfront payment but there will be no hidden charges that will surface out in the long run because of damaged bricks or pipes. Timber is more pliant and durable than manufactured building materials in the first place. This is because the timbers used in construction are air dried and pre-treated to last a long time.

Aesthetic Value

Timber framed homes look more classy and dramatic than traditional houses no matter how modern they may look. This is the perfect choice for families that have a high regard for environmental protection. The materials and timbers utilized in the construction are taken from managed forest so you do not have to worry about its adverse effect to nature. You can also have your interiors designed in a like manner. Your family will absolutely love the finished product as long as you match it up with coordinating furniture and interior arrangement, too.    

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