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Shipping Container Homes


Cargo container homes fall in the category what will they think of next.  But actually when you know the real story it becomes very logical.
Shipping containers became standardized in the 50’s for ease of use in a multitude of transportation methods.  The standard container roughly comes in lengths of 20 or 40 feet long by 8 feet wide and 8 feet high.  There can be minor variations depending on the type of container such as reefer, open top and high cube.

As these containers worked their way around the world they soon began to pile up in the USA due to our trade imbalance.  Because of the high cost of storage enterprising architects and builders starting using them to build homes and commercial buildings. 

In fact, in some ways they are the perfect building blocks for many modular structures.  Their original purpose required that they can be stacked several units high. 
To avoid tiny room designs it’s simple by cutting out sections of the walls exposing wide open spaces.  Adding doors and windows is just as simple. 

Once set or in a factory it’s easy to add electrical, plumbing, kitchen, heating to make them a home.

One challenge is local building codes and zoning ordinances.  Many people think container homes will decrease property values, but if built well they actually enhance the area with a contemporary look.

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