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Modular Homes Explained


TECHNOLOGY has made a lot of things possible. In the field of building and construction, it has allowed an unconventional but more efficient way of building homes.

Imagine a factory line where the product manufactured is a section of a house. Let’s say, a fireplace unit. This fireplace unit is built in the factory by skilled workers using precise machinery. As it goes through the different stages in the factory line, it is inspected by a quality control team. When the fireplace unit is finally done, it is set aside and covered for protection.

Imagine further that the same happens to all the other sections of the house. When they are all done, they are transported to the home site using a flatbed truck. Here, they are assembled and erected to a fixed foundation. The result is what you call a modular home.
A modular home is a home built in various sections in a factory. Except for the part that the house is built indoors, the building process is pretty much the same. It begins at the design phase where a computer aided design system is used to create the floor plan. When the design is approved and a building permit is issued, the building process in the factory (modular manufacturer) formally begins. Once built, it has all the features, appeal and charm of a traditional house. In fact, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the two.
Aside from their striking resemblance, people prefer modular homes over the traditional ones because of its quality. Defects in design and manufacturing are rare because the house is built indoors; meaning, the materials used are not exposed to changing weather conditions which would deteriorate its quality. Furthermore, each section is carefully inspected by a team of quality experts.
Another key factor in choosing a modular home is its efficiency. It can be built in a few weeks because it is not disrupted by problems typically encountered by traditional house builders (i.e., weather delays, missing materials, insufficient manpower). It is also because of this reason why modular homes are less expensive. In fact, if properly constructed, it may increase in value.
The good thing about modular homes is the fact that they are not only beneficial to the prospective owner, but also to the environment. Since the house is built in a controlled environment, the waste generated during construction is limited. Moreover, jobsite impacts (e.g., soil erosion) are reduced because the house is built indoors. Finally, recyclable materials, which are difficult to deliver in a construction site, can be incorporated in the design as it goes through the factory line.
Indeed, technology does not only give us another way of building a house; it has also allowed us to own one without hurting our pockets and yes -- the environment! Hence, prospective owners should welcome the idea of owning a modular home. Besides, it does not only look good on the outside – it also looks very good on the inside.

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